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Hittade en dikt jag skrev för ganska många år sedan, vet inte när… Engelskan kan väl kanske putsas lite… 🙂 Kul i alla fall, när man hittar något gammalt man glömt.


Remember the queen and the empire lost

At the outskirts of the Empire,
the outpost stood alone.
Tall and mighty of iron and stone,
it had stood the onslaught of barbarian fire.

Inside its walls, thick and strong,
soldiers slept safe and sound,
Unconcerned with the trembling ground,
caused by the siege weapon’s song.

Gigantic rocks hurled through the misty air,
fires roaring at the foot of the hill.
But deep inside the fortress all was still,
and there stood queen Nimuevel, light and fair.

Her fate was that of bloody warfare,
and proud she stood amongst her knights,
whom she had led in so many fights
with her closest ally, the dear Knight Goodcare.

For one hundred and twenty six years
they fought together in the battles, all
and now they faced doom, not as cowards but tall
and strong and without human fears.

the moment closed, the moment of fate
where iron and fire would devour them whole,
but she knew that death in battle would save her soul
and thus she faced the barbarians without feeling hate.

Up to the breastworks, swinging her sword
with Knight Goodcare by her side.
The barbarians coming on strong tide after tide,
they did what they could to stop this horde.

But the barbarians were too many and the empire would fall.
Songs will be sung of this the darkest of days,
When queen Nimuevel fell from the blow of a mace.
But the soldiers kept fighting, remembering her call

“Fight to the death, let this be a glorious night!”
So they fought this lost battle to the bitter end.
While prayers to heaven they did send,
they fought till the first morning light.

Knight Goodcare was the only man left standing then,
and he sung an ancient battle song when he died.
When he entered the path to heaven he cried,
because that night the empire had lost its finest men.

The battle was over and the empire lost,
but the songs of the warrior queen would live on,
because the battle of courage, she had won!
She had stood up for her values, no matter the cost.

So remember the knight and the fair queen.
Remember her glorious final call,
and the knight who stood by her side, tall.
Such bravery is no more to be seen;

Copyright Niklas Carlsson © 2013